How Much Is Core De Force

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How Much?

One of the questions I asked my friend Chelsea who lost 25lbs in her first 30 days of Core De Force was how much is Core De Force? I didn’t want to break the bank and I also didn’t want to pay for a gym membership.

I have found there are a couple of places to buy Core De Force but the cheapest was $60 plus shipping. I’ve added a few links in this blog post for anyone who wants to get the best price you can just click it and you’ll go straight to it.

The real question I had to ask myself wasn’t the price of how much Core De Force was the cost of not doing it. If I didn’t buy Core De Force which I had seen for my own eyes worked very well for my friend Chelsea, I would remain overweight. On top of that when I did the math on how much less food I would eat doing the program, the system would pay for itself.


Image result for core de force mmaThat is one of the biggest things I underestimated; I love food. I didn’t want to give up eating delicious food and I didn’t have to with the Core De Force workout program. I realized this would happen when I read a few other Core De Force reviews online. I wouldn’t necessarily be eating less but I wouldn’t be eating junk food. I would be eating great tasting healthy food which was something I never really knew how to do before.

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The Core De Force program comes with a food guide which has awesome suggestions on food. I was still eating burgers, fries, pizza, and so on which everyone usually says are horrible for you. Instead I was eating juicy and flavorful turkey burgers and oven baked fries instead of deep fried fries. Pizza was on yummy flat bread with real Italian tomato sauce and reduced fat pepperoni’s.

To some they may say they hate the tastes of those things but I dare anyone to try it and they’ll see how good it really is. I have never been a fan of low fat meats because they always seemed to lack in flavor. I guarantee you that if you follow the guide that is given with Core De Force you’ll see that’s no longer the case. Food can be delicious and filling.

So, for the price of less than one month at a gym membership I was able to lose 48lbs in just a few months of doing the workouts and get my body back. So, for $2/day I was able to lose 21lbs in my first 30 days and start my journey to being thin and healthy. I would pay five times that now knowing how great the program works and the results that so many people have had.


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