How Long Are the Core De Force Workouts?

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The Core De Force workouts luckily are not way too long. One of my biggest questions before staring was how long are the Core De Force workouts? My friend Chelsea who had done the program before me and lost 25lbs in 30 days that they ranged in length. Most sessions are 12 rounds of 3 minutes which is only 36 minutes of workout. There are breaks in between each round so it helps divide up the workout and give a breather.

There are other workouts that are less rounds or more of a recovery workout which are only about 20 minutes. If I didn’t have time to finish an entire workout for whatever reason I would just do however many rounds I could and then start again the next day and that worked great for me. I only had to do that a few times because the sessions aren’t very long at all. It goes by very quickly because of how fun it was and how Image result for core de force mmamuch I was learning.

I was glad to see that it wasn’t like P90X where it was 90 minutes of workout every single day. When I first started P90X a long time ago it seemed like I didn’t have the energy to finish the workouts and or I didn’t have 1.5 hours to do it. 90 minutes is a very long time. No wonder the people who do P90X are so thin. I wanted to be thin but I couldn’t spend 90 minutes a day.

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Core De Force is a much more well-rounded workout system than P90X or the other workout systems I have tried. I even tried the 21 Day Fix and that was okay but not nearly as good as Core De Force results.

One of the biggest questions I see people ask is do they have the time to do the workouts? I was very surprised to see that when they started doing the workouts they saw that it went by quickly and didn’t take up much time at all.

Image result for core de force mmaThe other thing that I love about the system that I didn’t see in any other workout program was that I could choose the modified workouts easily. There is a trainer in the series whose name is Jessica. She is the one who always shows the modified version of the workout which was amazing to do especially at the beginning of my Core De Force journey.

When I put in the DVD it gives me the option to show the modified workouts along with the main workouts. This allowed me to learn the moves and do it at my own pace rather than keep up with Jericho and Joel (the trainers) since they were already so fit. I was able to keep up with Jessica’s speed until I was ready to go faster and harder with the trainers.

So, to answer the same question I had when I started, how long are the Core De Force workouts? Basically 20-40 minutes depending on which workout I was doing and how many rounds I could go.

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