Core De Force Results

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One of the big things I was worried about was seeing good Core De Force results. I have tried several weight loss programs over the years but never completed any of them or lost any significant amount of weight. This is one of the reasons I looked up so many Core De Force reviews to see how well it worked for other people. My friend Chelsea was able to lose 25lbs in just 30 days which is a lot!Image result for core de force mma

What seems to be the average for people who do the Core De Force workout program through and through is a loss of about 8-20lbs in the first 30 days. Of course this varies quite a bit because everyone starts at different weights. Some people just want to get tone and extra thin. Other people are starting like where I was where they have a little bit more “love” to lose.

I was able to lose 21lbs in my first 30 days which is also above average but that doesn’t mean I was done losing weight. The program was fun and not overly difficult which is one of the big reasons why I loved doing it so much. I did the program 100% for a few months and in that time, was able to lose 48lbs before I started doing it more intermittently to keep the weight off and build more muscle.

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One of the biggest things I loved about the program was that I could do it in their recommended 30 days and if I didn’t see the results I wanted I could get a refund. Their 30 day money back guarantee was a nice comfort to know I would lose my $60 if it didn’t work out for me.

Since the program is so well put together and because the food guide book allowed me to still eat good tasting food the program was easier than others. I have tried many different programs that were good but I never was able to get into them because they were difficult or I felt like I was having to eat cardboard to lose weight. I didn’t like seeing my other friends getting thin while seemingly still eating whatever they wanted.

Core De Force gave me the strength and willpower to lose weight and keep it off. It also taught me some really cool MMA moves that could help me in case I ever needed to use them.

My friend inspired me to do the program since it worked so well for her. Now I have been able to help others like my mom and my sister get started on their weight loss journey’s. I never thought we’d be a family of thin people but it’s happening!

That is why I started this blog was to hopefully help someone else who wants to lose weight be inspired with a weight loss program that really works. The results people have seen from using Core De Force are amazing and seem to be widespread.

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